Harvard’s Advice for Raising Hard Workers

How to Raise Hard Workers According to Harvard

Teaching our children about hard work can feel like a lot of work sometimes. Nobody is going to say that instilling this value in our kids is not worthwhile; we all agree that rearing hard workers is a priority for us as parents. Still, when the fine folks at Harvard hand out advice on how to raise hard-working children (without completely overwhelming yourself), we’re apt to listen.

The Harvard Business Review article gives four suggestions for raising children who work hard– and they’re surprisingly practical! From enrolling your children in specific household operational tasks to augmenting their reading lists, we love each of the suggestions not only for their obvious benefit to our children but because they’re such low-effort suggestions.

you can increase time with your children without losing work time or adding more to your already full plate. By doing things a bit differently, you benefit your task list, your children, and yourself.

What are some of the ways you help your kids develop a strong work ethic?

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