Easy DIY Halloween Costumes We Love

Halloween is like a month-long theme party, and we are here for it. We’re just not here for the stress of over-the-top costumes. 

Here are our favorite easy DIY Halloween costume ideas from Pinterest for your half-pint family members. Clever, cute, and above all else: simple! Most of these, you could probably pull together with stuff you have hanging out in your junk drawers. (It’s OK, we’re not judging you. We know this because we could make most of these with the stuff hanging out in our junk drawers. That’s what junk drawers are for!)

Who doesn’t love a peacock? Also, who doesn’t love using up the last bit of felt scraps?

This is even better if you know your kid is going to bump into their cat-obsessed grandmother/aunt/neighbor while making the trick-or-treat rounds.

You know how you’ve been saving paper towel tubes for years because you know you’ll need them for a Pinterest craft one day? Dust off your I TOLD YOU SO’s. They’re about to find their higher calling.

Simple hack here: Just don’t make your kid change after arts & crafts time. 

This adorable little idea can scale up for your bigger kids, too, making it perfect for the parent whose tiny humans love superheroes and who’d like to see them get more use out of that suit you had to buy them for your sister-in-law’s wedding this summer before they outgrow it.

Another can’t-stop-giggling idea that scales up for older kids, too. Have a boy who’s not keen on pearls? Suspenders and a driving cap will do the trick. Bonus if the cap is far too large.

We love this gender-neutral idea for the little robber that ran off with our hearts. And most of the cash in our wallets. 

We’re eating this costume idea right up! It’s especially great for kids who spent the summer living on toasted marshmallows and camping in the back yard. 

Remember that time they broke the lamp? Don’t let its noble sacrifice be for naught. 

We especially love this costume for your tweens and teens who want to look pretty and feminine without straying into risque or sexualized costumes. It works with any dress, and you can easily make the turn-key with one of your leftover paper towel tubes and some cardboard. 

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